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Vitalink Earth Max (Growth and Bloom)

Vitalink Earth is a one-part, mineral based nutrient designed for use with soil. Perfect for potted plants, Vitalink Earth contains all of the essential elements needed for both vegetative and flowering stages of a plant’s life cycle. Vitalink Earth contains fulvic acid and chelated micronutrients to improve plants uptake of nutrient solution, resulting in better photosynthesis and vigorous growth and flowering.

What distinguishes Vitalink Earth from other products is its use of Phosphite – a superior form of Phosphorus. This enables your plants to boost both their growth rates and yield.

Vitalink Earth has two different formulas: one for growth and one for bloom. 

Earth MAX Grow

Use at 1-2 ml/L for seedlings and young plants. Begin to increase the dose rate once you see your seedlings or plants are established and actively growing. Use at 3-4 ml/L for mature plants.

For flowering plants, switch from Earth MAX Grow to Earth MAX Bloom when your plants show signs of flowering initiation.

Earth MAX Bloom

Use at 3-4 ml/L.

We recommend that you always maintain at least the minimum recommended dose rate for your plants stage of development. The base feed is the foundation of healthy plant growth. Carefully selected additive use can then maximize this potential but it can never replace it.

Available in 1 L, 5 L and 10 L bottles.

VitaLink’s range of nutrients do not adversely affect the flavour of herbs, vegetables, salad, fruits and other plants grown for consumption.

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Vitalink Earth Max Grow 1L
Vitalink Earth Max Bloom 1L
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Vitalink Earth Max Grow 5L
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