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Vitalink Hydrate

Vitalink Hydrate helps support plants when they are struggling during periods of water stress. During Summer, or even increased temperatures plants can dry out sooner than usual and the effects can be devastating. Vitalink Hydrate is a highly concentrated solution to this problem. Hydrate facilitates the storage of carbohydrates and sugars which help preserve moisture levels so in times of drought plants will have another life line- Hydrate.

When using Hydrate, you can protect your plants against drought conditions which can be a particularly stressful time. Once plants have dried out it can be very hard to reverse these effects and rehydrate the plant and then there is the issue of stressed caused by lack of feed. Vitalink Hydrate will resolve these issues before they have started!

Directions for use: - Vitalink Hydrate should be used at 0.2-0.6ml per Litre.

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