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Vitalink Turbo

Vitalink Turbo is designed to bulk up the size and weight of your plants and flowers. Vitalink Turbo is packed full of essential plant hormones and nutritional elements. In particular Turbo contains Brassinosteroids which are best known as plant hormones, these hormones function in many plant developmental processes this includes the growth of buds giving the plant more energy to produce bigger and heavier buds.

In addition to these plant hormones, Turbo contains L-Amino Acids. L-Amino Acids as very important for plants health as they help plants combat stress, increase root mass, help plants defence mechanisms to aid prevention of disease and most important of all increase photosynthesis. The Acids need to be readily available for the plant to use which is why Turbo is jammed packed with them!

Vitalink Turbo is a very effective flowering stimulant, it can be used not only to increase yield but also give plants better growth and assist quick recovery during stress.

Vitalink has an NPK of: 0.06-0.125-0.025

Directions for use: - Turbo should be used at 1ml per 1Litre of water.

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