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Vitalink Turbo+ (Plus)

VitaLink Turbo+ uses organic extracts and plant hormones to boost your plants metabolism. Turbo is a booster which uses chelating agents, L-amino acids, and key B vitamins allowing plants to use and absorb water and nutrients. Strong, resiliant plants grow better and increase stress tolerance resulting in healthier, bigger plants with excellent quality and massive yields.

So why use Turbo+? Each ingredient is designed to do something different to benefit the overall growth and health of teh plant. Betaines increases the ability of the plant to take up water and nutrients and helps the plant combat stress. Oligosaccharides support plant growth and metabolism as well as provide a source of carbon. Fulvic acid aids the absorption of nutrients they transfer vital nutrients through the cell membranes and work simultaneously to boost plants to their maximum potential and increase crop yields. Key B vitamins, including vitamin B1, support the plant during times of heavy fruit and flowering. High-quality seaweed extract, harvested from Ascophyllum nodosum, provides natural stimulants and hormones important for growth and flower formation. Brassinosteroids and gibberelins, which induce flowers, promote growth and elongation of cells and abscisic acids, helping the plant conserve water in times of stress

VitaLink Turbo+ is an additive which works best when use alongside the whole Vitalink Range. For best results, use in conjunction with VitaLink Hydro MAX Bloom nutrients.

How to use:

For best results, use VitaLink Turbo+ two weeks prior to flowering and throughout flowering. Shake well before use. Dose rate 1-2ml/L. For growing with recirculating or other hydroponic systems, use at 1ml/L and provide aeration of the nutrient tank. Do not exceed the advised dose.

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