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Xtreme Gardening

Xtreme Gardening has been providing growers and farmers with premium biological products for over 10 years. They ave harnessed the power of microbial evolution and isolated the most critical members of the soil food web that have repeatedly proven to improve root and plant performance. Since 2008, MYKOS ®, AZOS® have become staples in organic and hydroponic gardens around the world. Gardeners can experience an increase in crop quality and crop yields, while also improving nutrient and water management. 

From your at home growers to the large-scale commercial farmers, Xtreme Gardening has you covered.

Xtreme Gardening Azos 2oz (56.7g)

Azos utilises a particular strain of bacteria called Azospirillum brasilense which, in nature, assists with the nitrogen cycle – the process by which nitrogen changes between its different chemical forms. This bacterial strain takes nitrogen from the surrounding atmosphere and converts it into a form that's easily absorbed by plant roots. Nitrogen is a crucial macronutrient that's required in larger proportions during the vegetative growth stages. Azos offers a way to boost nitrogen levels and improve growth rates using purely organic methods and without the need for chemical fertilisers. Azos can also be used in hydropoinc culture, even at high EC levels, making it perfect for any growing style.
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Xtreme Gardening Mykos

Xtreme Gardening Mykos is a natural root promoter for increase nutrient uptake in soil
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