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Zip-Zag brand Smell-proof Seal Bags

Zip-Zag brand Smellproof bags are very effective storage bags which are re-sealable, re-usable and leak-proof. The Zip-Zag brand is a well known brand which guarantees quality. These bags are smell proof especially good for storing products and materials with very pungent smells. The bags will not only keep them air tight but also keeps contents fresh making sure aromas and flavours are trapped. Zip Zag bags keep smells in and prevents oxidation of essential oils.

So why use ZIP-ZAG Bags?

Available in various sizes these might look light any other bag but they are built from the ground up and aroma and smell, not just keeping the product safe in there.

– reusable with extra strength air tight zipper

-heat resealable

-puncture resistant

-100% smell proof

-perfect for long term and short term storage of food, chemicals,perishable items

-US food grade plastic- made in canada

Product Specification

Each bag measures 19cm x 16cm-Each pack contains 25 re-seable bags

Each bag measures 27.3cm x 28cm-Each pack contains 10 re-seable bags

Each bag measures 43cm x 43cm-Each pack contains 10 re-seable bags


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Zip Zag Smellproof Bags small 19cm x 16cm (25 Bags)
Zip Zag Smell-Proof bags Large 27cm x 28cm (10 pack)
Zip Zag Smell-proof Bags X-Large 43 x 43cm (10 pack)